An Abu Dhabi Run Down

Yes, Abu Dhabi, the capital emirate of the UAE. If you already made it to UAE, visiting Abu Dhabi must be an obvious in your to do list. It is not just the world’s substantial oil extraction centre, but also an amazing tourist destination. Currently, the economy of Abu Dhabi is taking a major shift towards various areas of commerce, trade, tourism and culture. More investments are driven towards improvising these. Our tour package covers almost all the major attractions in Abu Dhabi, here is a brief about it.

The trip will begin from Dubai. After passing the world’s largest man made port Jabel Ali and the mammoth Dubai Airport we set off for a road ride towards Abu Dhabi. In less than two hours we arrive at our first destination. The Jabel Ali port has most of the logistics possibilities within the middle east. You will be overwhelmed by how dramatic the Abu Dhabi’s skylines are, a lot of contemporary towers and sky scrappers. The monumental Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi is a true architectural wonder and its interiors are of impeccable finish. Why would it not be? Its after all one amongst the world’s largest mosques and can accommodate over forty thousand worshippers. The ride continues to the main city where we will see past the Union Square that has houses designed based on some of the local concepts. Another popular name for it is the Cannon Square. A place which is frequently used for the making of films and commercials. After taking a brief moment’s pause at the corniche we proceed to the “Heritage Village”. Heritage Village was designed by the Late His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Himself, it mainly serves as the reminder for youth about the past. C.V is infact a great place to buy quality gifts and souvenirs. It is the restoration of the Original Oasis village. In short, heritage village is a well preserved part of the history. The ultimate area for shopping in Abu Dhabi – Marina Wall, is a quarter for shopping the souvenirs or just about anything.

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