Atlantis, the magic unfolds.

Truly, Atlantis is where the magic unfolds. It is a wonder world located within “ The Palm”. Let us present to you the two wonderful Atlantis fun zones – Aquaventure and Lost chambers. Like name like place, full of fun, curiosity and adventures. And we begin with describing the Aqaventure. Aquaventure is is not just a water park, there is definitely a lot more to it. A perfect destination for a family outing, this place can keep them entertained all day long and they simply can’t have enough. Amazing rides, thrilling adventures and some easy sleazy slides as well…

Till date, it is the largest water theme park in the whole of Arabia and has a site of forty-two acres. It features a wide variety of mind boggling rides like Speed Slides and Master Blaster. Further, the park has lush landscaped green gardens, rivers, rapids and a private access to the beach. If you think of those rides as a child’s play thing, you must try the leap of faith. A ride that is 61 m long and 27.5 m tall. This particular ride starts all slow and nice from the top of Ziggurat and then it swiftly dumps you into a transparent tunnel that passes through the lagoon filled with great whites and other giant sharks. If you are still dauntless you should proceed with the Shark attack and the journey through the core of the Ziggurat, the dark- twisting tunnels, shark filled lagoon, let us not spoil the mystery for you. Go and experience it yourself.

Now, coming to the Lost Chambers, it is located at the Atlantis palm hotel, at the spot where the land meets the sea. A pursuit to the long lost world- Atlantis. Discover a warren entanglement of mysterious chambers and explore these intricate styled chambers from within. As the mystery uncoils you can see some peculiar scripts, long forgotten artifacts and a string of beautiful marine life. There are over twenty varieties of both sea water (marine) and fresh water moon jellies, Lion Fish, Pirhanas, Arapaima and many more manifests. No place can reveal the underwater secrets better. We shall let you preserve your curiosity till your visit. You need not be a marine biologist to appreciate it.

Both of these places make an excellent choice for family couple entertainment. You can either select one or proceed with both of them.

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