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Get your cheap air tickets to Algeria, the province city of Ghardaia. This old provincial city of Algeria was proclaimed as international heritage by UNESCO in 1982 located in the famous Sahara Desert. The city of Gardaia was built thousands years ago by Muslim non-Arab people. The actual date of creation the city as a village goes back to 11th century, when tribal nomadic community decided to settle and create a village. Later it became a center connecting two cultures: Mozabites and Arabs. Later Algeria became a French colony with French language as official one. Despite the negativity of colonial period, Algerian citizens are now able to speak two languages: Arabic and French at the same time. The city is located at the hill, and has remains of an ancient fort. Historical closeness to the Egypt offered a cultural exchange, which resulted in creation of pyramid-like mosques and buildings. For those who love dates, Ghardaia is a center of date production, supplying the major part of Middle East and beyond. Despite the location at the Sahara Desert, Algeria is relatively comfortable to live in with average temperature of 20 degrees at winter and top temperature of 40 in the mid of summer. In terms of religion, Algeria takes its place as Muslim country, with unique sect differentiation from other Islamic variations such as Sunni or Shia followers.

Cheap Air Tickets to Ghardaia
By booking ticket to Ghardaia you offer yourself a chance to witness a world-known camel race, which is national Arab heritage, and which takes place in Algeria. The well-built airport carries up to 500000 people, and is expanding. Since Ghardaia is taking place as international tourist location, authorities built new terminal to carry more people from Europe who are wishing to attend famous camel race. The airport itself carries several restaurants and waiting area for visitors, who need to wait for the next flight. Despite the fact that some of the lobbies are considered as outdated, the airport staff are very gentle and ready to help. This is keeping in mind that they are speaking at least three languages: English, Arabic, and French.

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