Cheap flight to Vladivostok Russia

With cheap flights Vladivostok at our site, you will not get only a tickets, but also a good service and constant support. Compared to the Moscow, the Russian capital, Vladivostok is located in the very East, thus very remotely from the main are. Despite that, Vladivostok is very important city bearing the role of a port city connecting the country with the Pacific Ocean. The city was served as important international water hub, but with the arrival of communism, it became closed for international trade. In the late 20th century, it was re-opened and gained its glory once more. Presently, Vladivostok plays a role not only as a commerce center but also as a strategic military point for naval bases. You can enter the city by several means, including railway, sea, and air. You can get your ticket on a train and arrive from the capital of Moscow in six days. In six days you will cross the whole country from one corner to another. Another nice mean of transportation is sea, and you will not need a visa if staying less than three days.

Cheap flight Vladivostok

With Vladivostok cheap tickets you can arrive at the Vladivostok International Airport, which serves domestic flights, and international flights to neighboring countries (China, Korea, and Japan). If you are planning to go on a trip to Asia, Vladivostok will be a good stop to learn some Russian culture. Vladivostok has many different kinds of public transportation. However, we will advise you to use only some of them. Buses are very frequent and relatively cheap kinds of getting from one point to another. If you have a route map, then you can even use marshrutka, which is a mix of a shared taxi and minibus, designed to follow the buses’ routes with higher speed. Don’t hesitate to use taxi services. Be aware that local drivers usually charge not per distance, but per time, and approximate price is about ten dollars per hour. If you want to experience more saving trip, you can try to negotiate. Also, we do not advise you to rent a car or to get by taxi to the center during working hours. Locals report that due to the heavy traffic and aggressive driving you will lose not only your time but your nerves as well.

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