Cheap flights to Anadyr Russia

If you want to explore all of the Russia, get your cheap flights Anadyr, which is the most Eastern part of the country. The place was founded during travels of famous Russian explorer Dezhnev in the 17th century. From the first glance the city will bring you the feeling of the bright and colorful place, which, in fact, it is. This effect is achieved through the different painting of buildings. This interesting city view unofficially gave to it the status of Summer City. Anadyr is a heart of Chukotka region and is located on the shore of the river Kazachka. From some point, it is not very easy to get there. First, you need to get an invitation from a traveling agency. Flights are not very common for this place. The most frequent are flights from Moscow, approximately once a day. The other flights are also local and are held several times a month from nearby cities, such as Magadan and Khabarovsk. The airport is located far from Anadyr, and you will need to take several hours trip to get to your place.

Cheap flights Anadyr

You can choose one of the three fine hotels at Anadyr, but don’t forget to book your Anadyr cheap tickets. The most expensive hotel will be Chukotka hotel, requiring you to pay 150 dollars per day. However, there are better options for your budget, such as Gostevoy Dvor, which require paying 30-50 dollars per night. There are not too much of monuments or museums to look at, but the city is rich in its culture. Book a guide towards nearby villages, and explore Chukcha culture, which is very diverse from what you can be used to see at Russian culture. Locals strongly advise to enjoy local cultural dance, and then to attend several neighboring nearby villages. This will reveal you the beauty of the North. Please, consider the time of the year when you are traveling. For example, the good winter option is to enjoy a dog sledding. For summertime, there is a great opportunity to go on hiking. It has been proved that the fresh unpolluted air will dedicate to the health of a visitors.

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