Cheap flights to Arkhangelsk Russia

With cheap flights Arkhangelsk, you will arrive at the center of North-West part of Russia. The city is relatively close to Saint Petersburg Рjust 1500 kilometers. Interestingly, the city was founded almost two hundred years before the foundation of Saint Petersburg. Why is this important? Arkhangelsk was playing a role of the main port city before the cultural capital was settled. The weather at Arkhangelsk is moderately cold, there is not too much cold and not too much hot at the same time. What is important is that unofficially this city is claimed to be a cultural capital of the Northern Russian part. This is interesting in the view of the relatively small population compared to other cities in the same area. The city is a major local producer of paper products. At the same time, it has a big port designed for fishing and trade. The local airport serves daily flights to the major Russian cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The flight will take just two hours, and tickets cost slightly more than a hundred dollars. There are also  some flights to nearby countries of Norway and Finland, but expect not to see stable schedules.

 Cheap flights Arkhangelsk

With Arkhangelsk cheap tickets you can also enjoy a journey by train. Trains from Moscow leave the station several times a day, and the trip itself will take not more than one day. If you are accomplishing the mission of cover key cities of Russia, then you can also think of buying tickets from Saint Petersburg, but trains from the city leave several times a week, and not a day. Despite the fact that Arkhangelsk is not a very populated city, the size of it is impressive. The city is stretched for more than forty kilometers, and it will be a very brave thought to think that you can cover all of this by foot without getting tired. Instead, you can use a great variety of public transportation, which includes sea routes as well. Arkhangelsk has several islands, which are not connected with the main part of the city by on earth means. If you decided to enjoy public transportation, think of getting some kind of translator, because instructions and maps are mostly in Russian.

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