Cheap flights to Barnaul Russia

Welcome to our website! We are proud to offer you our cheap flights Barnaul, which is a capital of Altai Krai province in Russia. The city was founded in the 18th century, and got its role as a mining center. For hundred years Barnaul was having a role of gold and silver mining. It will be true to say that mining industry shaped Barnaul and made it what we see today. This city is not served internationally. Expect to arrive by plane from major Russian cities. In another case, if you want to enjoy Russian landscapes, you always can take a train. It will take several days for a train to arrive from Moscow, and not everyone will find it a comfortable ride for such period of time. You will not have any issues with moving within the city. Buses, trams, and taxis are at your disposal. You can rent a taxi and you can catch it on the streets, but as a tourist, do not forget to negotiate over the prices. There is a number of museums in Barnaul, and the most of them focus either on history or art. You will have a lot of things to do and enjoy there. By visiting those museums you will get a chance to feel the history of the province.

Cheap flights Barnaul

Through acquiring Barnaul cheap tickets you will access several parks which also include places for family and kids. You will also get a variety of different clubs and pubs. For instance, you can attend “Pistols” bar made in the style of Western Saloon. This very atmospheric place will deliver you to the past. If you are interested in more “Russian” mood, you can stop your choice at Sibirskaya Korona restaurant. This place serves not only Russian food but also the Russian-brewed local beer with the same name as the restaurant. If you would like to go to the more conventional place, we are proud to tell you that Barnaul can offer an English Pub. Apart from that, there is a traditional Italian restaurant with alcohol served Il Patio. Il Patio is a network of Italian restaurants, which are similar to Pizza Hut at some point. We hope that you will enjoy staying in Barnaul!

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