Cheap flights to Belgorod Russia

The good chance to grasp an important part of Russian history is to get cheap flights Belgorod. This city is located near the Donetsk River and is very close to the Ukrainian border. History of a city is dramatic in some sense. The name itself can be translated as the white city, and this place was named due to major excavations of limestone (even at present time Belgorod is the main processor of limestone in Russia), which has a white color. The first times the place was mentioned in written sources is 13th century, a time when Mongols were occupying Russia and raiding some of the cities. From then on Belgorod was serving as a fort city, being destroyed several times. During the late years of Russian Empire, the capital city of Russia was paying a considerable attention to the town, and sponsoring the formation of unique cultural identity. If you arrive at this place now, you will see that it has many theaters and museums, and religious identity is strong and supported. During World War II the city was an important strategic point, which was conquered several times by Nazi powers, and freed several times by the Communists.

Cheap flights Belgorod

But Belgorod is not only about history and culture. It is also an important economic hub for the whole region and has a great importance for the country as well. Book your Belgorod cheap tickets and have a nice time being spent in interesting town. The population of it is slowly growing, reaching the number of citizens approximately of 400 thousand. There are several ways by which you can get into the city. The local airport is domestic, and you will not be able to have a direct flight. However, in just 80 kilometers from that point, the international airport of Kharkiv is located, which serves main international routes. The only point is that you will have to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border at first. So, if you don’t want to take extra risk, you may simply have a transfer at Moscow. Belgorod has a public transportation and cheap taxi service providers; you just need to get English map of routes, by which you can be assisted by your hotel crew at the reception.

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