Cheap flights to Cheboksary Russia

The Cheboksary city has a population of more than half a million people, and it grows. The city itself is located in the upper part of Volga river, which is the longest river in the world. You can find cheap flights Cheboksary at our website, and we hope that you will enjoy our prices and services. The city has a considerable history, being first mentioned in the 16th century, but settled a long time before as archeological excavations are showing. However, the city gained the status of a town only in 18th century, with simultaneous recognition of the latter as important commercial nerve for the whole Volga region. Up until 20th century, the population was not more than 15 thousand, but after the Soviet Union, it increased rapidly as you can compare in the beginning. The airport of Cheboksary is domestic, serving not only cargo flights but serving passenger flights as well. You can arrive here by transfer from Moscow or nearby major cities. Talking of nearby cities, there is an international airport at Nizhniy Novgorod, which is served by European air carriers. If you arrive at Nizhniy Novgorod, you will need just to drive for several hours to get to Cheboksary. Simply talking, you can choose between transferring flight, or getting more adventurous and enjoying the direct flight with a short drive. All depends on your enthusiasm.

Cheap flights Cheboksary

Public transportation is a very convenient type of moving around the place. You can choose one from a variety of different transports, but we advise you to use an official taxi company. The first argument is that Cheboksary cheap tickets will not play a huge difference when comparing bus to taxi (taxi services will cost you less than several dollars). The second argument is that you will not have to learn Russian to understand routes and destinations. The negative side of hiring a taxi is non-official drivers, which can not only overcharge you but also are potentially dangerous as there’ve been proved several cases of robbins. For your safety, make sure that you always have a number of the legal carriers, which is the cheap and safe way to get around Cheboksary.

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