Cheap flights to Irkutsk Russia

Have you ever thought about traveling to the Siberia and Russia, and to experience wildlife and camping? Before you will have this option, think of buying cheap flights Irkutsk. Irkutsk is located in the Eastern part of Siberia and s capital of the region bearing the same name as the city. To understand the reason of why this city is so interesting, you need to have a quick glance at a history. Irkutsk was founded in the 17th century, and had a role in a gold mine and hunting for the purpose of selling furs. At a time, Irkutsk already was playing an important role in Russian Economy. In 1825, Saint Petersburg (which was a capital of Russian Empire back then) experienced an attempt for Revolution, where many poets, artists, and musicians took their parts. However, the Revolution ended without being started, and many convicted participants and suspects were sent to Siberia as a punishment. The most of those exiles, if we can put it that way, settled in Irkutsk, and after that case, they made 30% of the population.

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With Irkutsk cheap tickets you will reveal an artistic oasis in Siberia due to the number of exiles sent here after the Revolution attempt at 1825. You can arrive here by using air through International Airport, which also serves local flights. However, we will advise you to use a train from Moscow, which will take several days, but it definitely worth it. Nothing is more romantic and atmospheric than a ride on a train and enjoying the Russian beauty. If you are living in the Far Asia, then you can have a chance to book a direct flight to Irkutsk as well since the city is relatively close to the international borders. When you come to the city and want to hire a taxi, try to negotiate over the price, if you are not speaking Russian well. Local drivers who do not have official license love to charge extra amounts to visitors, especially foreign ones. The city is not very big, and public transportation is cheap. For foreign visitors special Information centers were designed, so clarify their addresses first at your hotel. Those centers can be really helpful

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