Cheap flights to Kemerovo Russia

Welcome to the major industrial city of the Siberian region. Cheap flights Kemerovo will allow you to arrive at this beautiful city with slightly less than 500 thousand in population. This amount can be considered big enough for the region. You can arrive here by using air from local major cities, or from neighboring abroad. For example, it could be easier for you to travel here from Thailand than from Moscow. This is a good option for those who want to take World-round trip, or for those who are based in Asian part. During the Soviet Era, Kemerovo was playing a role of a mining city. In some sense, this role shaped the view and culture of it. For example, if you will walk around the city center, you will see monuments dedicated to the Soviet Union and for victims of mining incidents. If you love walking around museums, you will find a plenty of them also in the center. For snow sports activities there are many things city has to offer. For example, you can go skiing or hiking, depending on the time of the year you are traveling. Hunters will be glad to know that there are hunting services to be offered for interested individuals and groups.

Cheap flights Kemerovo

Kemerovo cheap tickets will open for you a mining heart of Russia and the Soviet Union. There is a unique guide for tourists who want to understand the local customs. A coal mine strip will tell you how the history of the Soviet Union was made at this place, and how the famous Stalin’s plan for 5-year industrialization was accomplished due to this mine. You will not have any issue with what to eat at your dinner. There are numbers of different restaurants designed for different budgets. Kemerovo can offer visitors European, Japanese, and traditional Russian food at good prices. You can plan your visits with prices starting at 10 Euro and finishing with 30 Euro. The only thing that can limit your joy is your hunger. Also, the vodka lovers will be surprised to know that the nearby vodka factory produces one of the best vodkas for the whole country, and if you are not against drinking alcohol, local vodka is something which you would definitely want to try.

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