Cheap flights to Magadan Russia

Here you are able to acquire cheap flights Magadan. You will arrive at the quite isolated and remote part of Russia, which also bears a status of the port city. Historically it happened that the Magadan was served as a checkpoint on the road to famous USSR Gulag Kolyma. If you are visiting for tourism purposes, which is not so common for that city, you will see that there that many souvenirs are describing prison theme. Locals, however, don’t like that part of the city history and are unhappy seeing people buying or wearing those. The city is not overpopulated; it is not more that 120 thousand people. If you are planning to go to the city often, you better to hire a professional guide and a driver with 4×4 transport, since it is recorded and constantly warned that you will not be able to move outside of the city by the common car like the taxi. Unfortunately, the city does not have any railroad, so you’re the most probable way of getting in is to buy a ticket on the plane. Magadan also has a single road which can drag outside of the city, which will lead to Yakutsk.

Cheap flights Magadan

Local Magadan Airport serves domestic flights mainly to nearby major cities, and Moscow. On your way to the place, you will probably stop at Moscow at first. The airport is well-constructed, and it even has a unique fish shop, which you will not see at the most of the airports, but make sure that you didn’t forget your Magadan cheap tickets. Actually, the airport is not located in the city or somewhere near it. The airport is located in the town of Sokol, and you will have to drive about twenty or twenty-five miles to get to the point. Locals love to walk near the sea, but temperature barely allows for swimming comfortable. It is quite cold in the area, and, sometimes in winter ice-breakers will clear the sea of ice in order for the port to continue operating. If you like studying history and surrounding, you will see a couple of museums and monuments — all circling around the topic of Gulags and their victims. However, they still deliver the famous atmosphere.

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