Cheap flights to Mineralnye Vody Russia

Do you want to switch to a healthy mountain atmosphere with spas and sanatoriums? Book cheap flights Mineralnye Vody and don’t restrain yourself from getting better. The town is not very big in size, and its populations do not exceed 100 thousand. Still, Mineralnye Vody plays an important role in the region. Recently its airport gained the status of International Airport and started to receive not only domestic flights but international ones as well. Many cities with the population as twice as that do not receive a confirmation of this status, but Mineralnye Vody has a positive point about its position: the town is some kind of a hub between many different cities in Caucasus area. At the same time, you can choose an option to have a transfer through Moscow, and attend the capital of Russia prior to getting to the town. Apart from airports and transfers, there might be a question still in your mind “Why do I need to go there?”. The answer will be simple: sanatoria. The city was designed to improve the health of visitors by peaceful surrounding and healing drinking waters. Even the name of the town can be translated as “Drinking Water”, pointing at healthy waters being stored in mountains.

Cheap flights Mineralnye Vody

After getting Mineralnye Vody cheap tickets make sure that you also choose a good spa to stay. The place got its role from history, when during Russian Empire many people were coming here in order to improve health. The highest mountain in Europe, Elbrus, could be seen from many points in the town, and it can be reached in a matter of hours. The only thing which you need to be aware of is police. It just so happened that you can bribe police easily, and it also can be said that sometimes police even pushing visitors and even locals to bribe them. That is also a reason of why you should not rent a car because you can be stopped for a false reason, and joined with the fact that local policemen do not know English, the situation can turn out to be complicated. We hope that you will like staying in the town, and have a good flight!

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