Cheap flights to Murmansk Russia

Do you want to switch hot and warm weather to something colder? Get your cheap flights Murmansk. It will be true to say that this city carries important military status for Russia. Despite the population of three hundred thousand, this northern city gained importance during World War II. After the war, this place got importance as a base for submarines. You will get in the city by the airport, which is located over forty kilometers from Murmansk. However, the airport is served only by local carriers. In some cases, there are flights to and from Finland as well, but those are only seasonal flights. So, if you are traveling from abroad, prepare to stop at first either at Moscow or st Saint Petersburg. After you arrive at the airport, you better to call and order a taxi. If you are limited in funds, we do not advise you to catch a taxi outside of airport by yourself. In that case, you will receive higher prices than in case if you order. If you love rail and trains, we advise you to buy a ticket for a train ride. By the way, the most towns and cities in Russia can be reached by train, and Murmansk is not an exception. You will reach it in two days in case if you travel from Moscow, or in the one-and-a-half day in case if you are leaving from Saint Petersburg.

Cheap flights Murmansk

The city is located along the shore, making it quite stretched city. If you are not interested in industrial or neighborhood areas, you should stay in the city center. Moreover, zones of more interest for tourists are also located there. Murmansk cheap tickets will reveal you the true soul of Russian Arctics. If you want to move within city borders, you can use trams, which are too constant. If you do not want to wait until tram arrives, don’t be afraid of getting a ticket to minibusses, called “marshrutka”. They are also following tram-like schedules and routes. There is not too much to do for tourists in terms of site-seeing. However, if you are interested in navy ships and Arctic ships, you will enjoy visiting Lenin ice-cracker or Research center.

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