Cheap flights to Nalchik Russia

Are you searching for some interesting and exotic place in Russia? You can book cheap flights Nalchik at our website, and enjoy diverse Muslim community in Russia, wrapped up in extremely warm and positive hospitality. Nalchik is a major city of Kabardino-Balkaria region, which makes the part of North Caucasus. The city has not more than four hundred thousand people in the population and is a part of a mid-size city compared to the rest in Russia. The city is very diverse and presents many cultures of North Caucasus. However, the Kabardino make the majority of it. They speak a unique language, which has no similarities in the world. Balkars will be a minority as well, representing Muslims with Turkish origins. Nalchik also includes an interesting ethnic group, the Cossacks, which are the Slavic group. The region has an old history, but the city was settled only in the 19th century and played its role as a fort at first. After the Soviet Revolution, the role of a fort was switched to a city, and then it started to perish.

Cheap flights Nalchik

During USSR, Nalchik turned into a city of vacation and spa, where citizens would go to improve their health and to have a rest. With Nalchik cheap tickets you will reveal a beautiful city with artificial water ponds and lakes, adding to the romantic view. If you want to improve your health, you can book a staying at one of the big numbers of sanatoriums. Basically, Nalchik is very quite placed. However, in 2005 it received a bad reputation when the armed group attacked the city and was holding it for a short time when Russian forces dragged them out. This was an international hit to the reputation of the city, but from then on it was as quiet as before. If you love hiking, then you definitely need to attend Nalchik because it has Elbrus, which is the highest mountain in Europe. The mountain is almost 6 km tall and represents a challenge for experienced hikers. If you want to test your power, you can book your tickets with us. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at the beautiful Caucasian city

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