Cheap flights to Penza Russia

There are several cities and places bearing the same name. In this article, we will talk about cheap flights Penza, which is located in Russia, and has a role of an industrial hub for the region. You have several ways for your choice to get to the city. In 2011 local airport started its operations, having several flights to and from Moscow, and serving several other charter flights. The negative point here is that Moscow-Penza-Moscow will cost you almost four hundred dollars, and this is highly expensive for a trip which takes around an hour. Luckily, there is another option, which is most popular with tourists and budget travelers. You can use a railroad, and it allows you to save more money compared to flight. Also, if you are flying through Moscow, you don’t have a lot of choices because there are only a couple of flights weekly. In contrast, the train leaves the capital daily in the evening, and you have more free time to explore Moscow without being attached to schedules. Penza is not a very big city. It has an industrial role, and not perfectly suited for tourists to attend.

Cheap flights Penza

You can look up for more options of Penza cheap tickets, and choose what you think is the most suitable for you. Since the place is not too big, you will not see trams or metro. However, there is the network of buses for a cheap price. You will pay approximately thirty cents for a ride. Be aware that you need to download a map since all signs and maps are in English. You will also need to be aware that local people barely speak English. A good idea will be to find a translator. This will help you to walk around without confusing situations. You can also hire a taxi driver, but you need to negotiate with him or her. Just remember that approximate price for a ride should not be more than ten dollars. If the driver charges you more this is definitely overcharging. When you arrive at Penza, book at least one evening to attend the Zaseka restaurant, which is considered as one of the most popular and expensive restaurants in the city. You will see that it has incredible Russian dishes. Locals advise drinking some of the local drinks, which are not served widely in the country.

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