Cheap flights to Saratov Russia

After you buy cheap flights Saratov, you will arrive at the city through Moscow, because the local airport does not have constant international scheduled flights. Sometimes, local air carriers start serving different countries like Greece, Turkey or Armenia, but you should expect those mostly in summer. We will assist you in choosing the best route with the most suitable prices. Compared to other Russian cities, Saratov Airport is located at the center, and you will not have to spend a lot of time getting to your hotel. However, you need to be careful about choosing a taxi. We advise you to get information from Information Booth to order a legal taxi because local drivers may charge you triple price knowing that you are a visitor. If you don’t have a choice to call for the legal taxi, you can use non-official, but remember to negotiate the price prior to getting in the car. Also, important point is that you are better to have some amount of local currency (Rubles) with you due to the fact that many enterprises do not accept credit or debit cards. Keep that in mind and google for ATM machines nearby.

Cheap flights Saratov

Despite the status of “provincial town”, Saratov has something to offer for visitors. While reading this information, don’t forget to book your Saratov cheap tickets. The town can give you a view of the longest European river, the Volga since it is located on the shore of it. There is a nice place where you can see how wide this river actually is (3 km). Just remember that in some points the Volga gets wider than ten kilometers. Moreover, Saratov has dedicated a lot to the training to the first astronaut, Gagarin. He was preparing his take off in the town, and after his journey as the first man in space, he landed nearby. This was an important international historical event, and you can get more information at the local museum dedicated to this topic. Also, you can visit the Old Bridge, which was erected many years ago and was beating records as the longest bridge until recent time. Before leaving Saratov, make sure that you visited either opera house or conservatory, which sell their tickets cheaply, and which are worth visiting.

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