Cheap flights to Krk

Krk is a town, placed on the island, in Croatia. The town is quite small and it’s population is barely over six thousand and five hundred people. If you don’t know where to go on vacation I would recommend you to take cheap flights to Krk. When you reach this place the best idea is to visit the world-famous Frankopan Castle, that is known for it’s mysterious history and unusual architecture. Sure, you friends and family would enjoy to visit it with you. After, you can go to Bacchus Wine Restaurant, and try local food, which may be a bit new to you, but as many other people, there is a possibility that you will like it even more then your homeland food.

Cheap flights to KRK


When you take KRK cheap flights, it is better to decide which time of the year you are traveling – the temperature in Krk is changing according to the season. During the year, town has many festivals, carnivals and other celebrations you can participate in. Locals, for sure, will be happy to tell you lot of different stories about the small town, whose population is barely over six thousand and five hundred people. In case you love taking photos, or even work a photographer, take pictures of town’s wonderful nature and some other interesting places, monuments or attractions we didn’t mention about. If you search for positive emotions, the town is the perfect place, since you get a chance to relax, enjoying the calm atmosphere of the Krk and beauty of local nature. Yes, maybe it doesn’t have much of an attractions, but anytime you can visit it’s libraries, cinemas and places that may entertain you, according to your interests. Few hotels and motels in the town are comfortable enough and will probably satisfy all your needs and wants, during the holiday. In the town there is only one airport, which is one of the ways of getting in Krk. Inside you can travel by cars, taxis, buses and even bikes. So, as I said – hurry up, take your friends, family and take tickets to Krk, before it’s too late.

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