Cheap flights to Ulan-Ude Russia

Welcome to the capital of Buryatia area, Ulan-Ude. This city has approximately 400 thousand people living there, but at the same time, you will encounter impressive cultural and religious diversity. Get your cheap flights Ulan-Ude, and reveal for yourself the mix of Mongolian and Russian cultures. The city has an interesting history of its creation. In the 17th century, Russian Orthodox Church experienced a separation on those who are “new believers”, and those, who prefer to follow old traditions of Orthodoxy. Old Believers have moved deep into Russia and settled in what we know now as Ulan-Ude. At the same time, the place was already settled by Mongols, whose influence is still felt now. After the time of repressions by the Soviet Union, many practices, and cultural artifacts were destroyed by the government, but after the fall of the “Iron Curtain,” you will be able to see different religious practices including Shamanism and Buddhism.

Cheap flights Ulan-Ude

Do not forget to pack some warm clothes if you are traveling in winter with Ulan-Ude cheap tickets. Locals can argue that they have warm summer, but if you are living in a warm country, twenty degrees Celsius will not feel as the warmest climate in your life. Moreover, if you are traveling in winter, prepare some extra clothes to be with you as the city experiences more than minus twenty degrees. The city itself has many interesting museums to attend. The most museums are touching cultural topics and history of Buryatia. We also advise you to try some of the local foods in order to dive into Mongolian atmosphere. At the center streets of the city, you will find many different shops and restaurants, which are loved by locals, and which you will also have a chance to enjoy. You will be able to get to the place by several means, but we will cover the only journey by plane. There are rarely international trips directly to Ulan-Ude, but if you are from China or Korea, then you can fly directly. In other cases, you should expect to have a stop at one of the nearby major cities first and have a transfer. Flights from Moscow capital also constantly serve the city.

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