Deep Sea fishing in Dubai

Deep Sea fishing in Dubai

Fishing is anytime a nice choice. A great hobby. You do not need to be an expert on it and it’s never too late to try it out. Big, small, average… the size doesn’t matter, every fish is quite a catch. They also make great meals, don’t they? Anyhow, deep sea fishing is usually set to catch the bigger breads.

In this digital era where more than half of the day you spend on electronic gadgets and the rest of the time you spend being idle, glued to your phones and tablets, a fishing break is a must. It has psychological, physical and social benefits. Here we are giving you chance to try Deep sea fishing. Well, if you have tried already, do it again. There is no harm, it is only going to bring you a great deal of benefits. Some of the fishing benefits also include preventing obesity, which is a very common thing in the middle east as well as in the west. It also has benefits like Self-fulfillment apart from its usual gains like stress relief. Some do it for the thrill and yet others focus on its perks.

Deep Sea fishing Dubai

Deep sea fishing is slightly different from the usual fishing, it is also referred to as sport fishing or offshore boat fishing. This type of fishing is not conducted on land, like the name indicates the sea needs to be deeper, by deeper we mean at least 30 meters in depth. The fishing reel is cast at a different angles when the pool of fish is found. Tuna, Marlin… are some of the deep sea fishing species and these cannot be found anywhere near to the shore. Some fishers seeking more thrill even set out for the sharks.

And deep sea fishing is the best in the UAE. The UAE has warm waters throughout the year and this means you can fish anytime, there is no particular season. Both the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean are an option to conduct fishing. Sailfishes reaching over a hundred and twenty pounds and above can be easily caught as they exist in excess. Other sport hunting fishes can also be found. Challenge yourself and reel in the real monster fishes, with our deep sea fishing tour treat.

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