Dune buggy safari

Dune buggy safari Dubai

You must have adored this absolute recreational vehicle in many games – Dune buggy safari Dubai. The TV today, also has various shows broadcasting sportsmen performing stunts on dune buggies. Dune buggies are more powerful when compared to beach buggies and they are well grounded for loose sand, like that of a desert. Do they pose any safety concerns? Definitely, not! Our buggies are armed with a total roll cage and also has a rounded seat assembly called as bucket seat, it is also well fitted with a separate set of safety belts and harness. Meaning, now you can not only witness the power of desert buggies, but you can also experience it in actual. Plus, you can be totally carefree about it as we also have a professional back up team. Go ahead, the open desert is all yours.

While the convoy leader takes you through a track stretched at ten kilometers, the back up team will follow you with essentials like water, cold drinks, tools etc. so that nothing gets between you and your buggy rush.
This is how it’s exactly going to be.

Before beginning, you will be briefed about the safety rules followed by a set of instructions about how to neatly ride the buggy both across the terrain and sand. When you are thorough with both of the above mentioned the fun begins, as we proceed to riding it through the sand dunes.

As the sun sets, you will be able to capture some rare views and at that moment the dunes look like an ocean of gold. A remarkable phenomenon, that you must not miss. After, all the dune fun we retire to the local camp for a relaxing evening. You can unfold by the hookah, ride some camels, have some chilled refreshments and a traditional bedoin style BBQ dinner will be served. Before we wind up and head back to Dubai, there will be a stunning performance by a belly dance practitioner, you can bust a move or two with her.

Dune buggy safari Dubai

The double seater dune buggy that we have for you is custom designed and developed in the UAE, to provide you a better experience in the open desert. It comes with a 1800cct Toyota Engine of 110 HP and automatic gearbox.

Anyhow, you will have to sign a disclaimer form against damage and personal injury for which you have to be sixteen years of age or above. Safety helmets and goggles will be provided prior to the ride.

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