Six spectacular days by Issyk Kul Lake and Gorges

Six spectacular days by Issyk Kul Lake and Gorges2

Kyrgyzstan welcomes you for this fun filled off-road trip. The beauty of the Issyk Kul Lake can turn people into poets. Some describe it as heaven within the mountains while the rest call it Gem amidst the mountains. Warm beaches with sand as white as snow, crystal like water, natural springs, meadows and the coniferous forests which are well maintained like the parks. Is that all? No, that’s not all this beach lies beside many alluring glaciers and highest of the mountain peaks. The description of its beauty can go on and on but its better when experienced and felt. Here is your chance, utilize it.

  • Day-1: The warm welcoming

You will be welcomed to the country by our Guide after your arrival at the Manas Airport. A ride to Bishkek for a comfortable stay in the Plaza Hotel. Later the same day there will be a short tour to the city after which you will get a lot of leisure time. Let us save some fun for Day-2.

  • Day-2: The fun begins

Check out from Plaza hotel and then take a ride to Issyk Kul Lake. Your new accommodation will be in the lake resort- Karven Four Seasons. You can enjoy lots of water sports, jet skiing and other activities and also enjoy some free time.

  • Day-3: Karakol City and Canyon of Jeti

After cheking out from the resort, we pay a visit to the Ruh Ordo ethnic center. For lunch we drop at Karokal City. Also, we will caper around the canyon of Jeti Oguz, a place popular for deep red rock formations paying resemblance to 7 giant bulls. You can also see other interesting mountain formations like the broken heart. Tip of the mountain has some breathtaking views of the valley. After the journey an overnight stay will be arranged at the Tamga hotel.

  • Day-4: The village of Bokonbaevo and Falcons

Tamga hotel check out. After which we head to Bokonbaevo village and greet the local falconers. They train falcons/ eagles to prey on foxes and rabbits. It is their traditional way of hunting that dates back to the nomadic times. Then we proceed to Bishkek. On your way back we will have some adventures like rafting. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins. A grandeur lunch at Bishkek and accommodation in Plaza hotel. A long evening walk in Bishkek along with a scrumptious dinner at a local café.

Six spectacular days by Issyk Kul Lake and Gorges

  • Day-5: Camping by the Chukurchak gorge

Breakfast at the hotel after which we will visit Chunkurchak gorge. Some great views, ice glaciers, at further distance warm springs. Also, enjoy horse riding and beautiful sunset from the cable cars. We camp here and enjoy the grand barbecue party.

  • Day-6: Free day

Have a quality time and rest at the hotel, shopping in the malls and roaming around the city. If you feel you have missed out on something, you can cover it up. You can also prepare to wind up your trip.

  • Day-7: Departure

Seventh day will mark the end of this trip. Check out from the hotel and head to the airport to catch the flight.

This package covers:

  1. Cable car rides
  2. Horse Riding
  3. River Rafting
  4. Visa on request
  5. Barbeque party
  6. Return Ticket to Dubai
  7. Flight ticket to Bishkek
  8. Guide at your service
  9. Picnic and camping
  10. Free transport during tour
  11. Passes to falcon hunt show
  12. Ru Ordo Ethnic Centre entry pass
  13. Accomodation at various hotels and a resort

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