The Palm Island Cruise

The Palm Island

Well, not simply a palm cruise, here is your chance to cruise around “The Palm Island”. Does the name sound any familiar? The most gorgeous and largest of the man-made island ever. An exotic picnic idea…
Because of its unique structure, it can also be seen from the moon. In fact, one of the few man-made structures that is visible from the outer space to the nude eyes. Perfect for both families and a single individual.
The Palm island mainly constitutes of the Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Sheikh Ali, two spectacular islands. Its name is directly derived from its palm like appearance and it also accommodates several thousands of Palm trees. The crescent like structure surrounding the Palm island is in actuality the breakwaters that protect the island from typhoons and high tides. The sand used to construct the island was directly extracted from the ocean floor and most of the other resources used where natural as well.

The Palm Island2
Most of you might have already heard about it and some of you might even have had a glimpse of it on the Television or in reality. What if we told you can check out the whole of this man-made marvel? That is exactly what the Palm cruise is for. Experience two hours of awesomeness as you cruise through the tourmaline blue waters of the Arabian Gulf into the Palm island. The giant world consisting of about three hundred islands can be conquered in just two hours. The shoreline of the island is gloriously lined by world-class five star hotels like that of the Atlantis Hotel and Burj Al Arab. Don’t forget to take some worthwhile picture of yourselves and family that can be cherished for a lifetime. Our cruise boats are well equipped with the essentials and it also has some spot for on board activities and that makes is appropriate for both the kids and senior members of the family. Let our cruise take you from one island to another on the Palm. Enjoy the view of the islands between the water and the fresh breeze flowing untouched by any pollutants. The serenity of the waters and spectacular views are very calming and soothing.

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